Dolphin Cove Jamaica was founded in 2001 and has become a very popular attraction in Jamaica. It is Jamaica’s #1 marine attraction and has been the talk of many visitors worldwide. You get to swim with dolphins, sharks, and stingrays in natural seawater.  No artificial pools or tanks here. Many people describe this tour as an experience of a lifetime. Different levels of interaction with the marine life are available – from touching the dolphins with your feet, to swimming with these friendly animals. The dolphins are well trained, smart and so very friendly. If you aren’t interested in swimming with the dolphins, there is still a lot to do.  The entrance fee includes snorkeling and swimming with stingrays, glass bottom kayaking, and small boat rides. You can walk along the trail amongst other wildlife such as iguanas, snakes and exotic birds, which by the way, you can touch!

If you do choose to swim with the dolphins, enjoy the ride as they jet you through the water like a hand-held jet-ski. After playing a few games and maybe a dance or two with the dolphins, don’t hurt their feelings by not kissing them goodbye. If you get hungry, there is a small café on the property close to the wharf, which is where the awesome shark shows take place. The souvenir shops are also conveniently located in the same area. There was so much to do when I visited that I had to take a break. Thankfully there are complementary lounge chairs right there on the beach. Please note that with the swimming with the dolphin package, children are not allowed the same privileges as adults although the charge is the same.

For children, the ENCOUNTER option is better rather than the swim option. Some people may think that Dolphin’s Cove Jamaica is on the pricey side. But when compared to the cost to Sea World in the U.S. or other similar attractions, you’ll see that it’s really quite reasonable. This is truly an experience of a lifetime and if you bring children along, this will be the highlight of their trip.

Entrance fee includes:

  • Interacting with stingrays
  • Glass bottom kayaking on Caribbean Sea
  • Mini Boat Adventures
  • Snorkeling in the Sea
  • Viewing the Shark Show
  • Jungle Trail (interact with animals),
  • Relax on the beach
  • Complimentary chairs and observation deck to see the Dolphins.

Length of Tour:

  • Plan to spend at least 3 hours, not including the dolphin interaction

What to bring:

  • Swimwear
  • Towels
  • Use bio-degradable sunscreen for the animals’ protection
  • Camera – you can take photos anywhere other than your dolphin experience
  • Extra money – snacks, souvenirs, video and pictures

DO NOT BRING expensive jewelry, as you are not allowed to wear jewelry or bring anything with you in the area.  Rings and bracelets especially scratch the dolphins.

DO NOT BRING OR WEAR sun block if you choose to swim as it is bad for the dolphins.


Dolphin Cove has two locations – Ocho Rios and Lucea.

Dolphin Cove Negril is in Lucea and has the largest natural dolphin lagoon in the world!!


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